Another successful AGM

On July 8, the Foundation and Association Annual General Meetings were held at the Lac Ste-Marie community centre. Attendees were given an update of the current status of the organizations, and participants got their first chance to purchase the latest merchandise.

New directors and executives were elected unanimously. The executive will be meeting soon to discuss key files and activities for the upcoming year.

Island garbage

Some members have reported garbage and broken bottles on Big Island.

Earlier this year the Association formed an Islands Committee to look into ways that the islands could be used responsibly. Since the islands are public spaces (for the most part they are not privately owned) the responsibility seems to rest somewhere between the Québec government (Environment), MRC valley du Gatineau (the region), and the Municipality (Gracefield or Lac Sainte-Marie). We will be formulating plans to raise these issues with the three levels of governments in order to encourage coordinated efforts.

In the meantime, please remind your family and friends that the Islands are a shared space. Anyone visiting the islands should take all their garbage with them to ensure the continued enjoyment for all.

Devil's Millhopper Geological State Park, Take nothing but pictures