Holding the Foundation and Association Annual General Meetings during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Fellow lake residents,

Our Boards of Directors have concluded that it will be impossible to hold effective in-person AGMs for our organizations at this time due to the COVID-19 ‎pandemic. 

As both organizations must conduct certain formal business on an annual basis, we intend to do the following: 

  • We will post all committee reports on the Association website at https://mylacheney.ca/, in early July, invite written questions from our memberships, and we will post responses on the website by August 1, along with proposals/resolutions for the formal business. Reports include: Finance, State of the Lake, and Communications reports, with information about Lac Heney merchandise availability and our new Citizen Scientist program. 
  • We are looking at our Bay Captain teams doing a mail drop of our annual newsletter and membership renewals. 

The Association’s formal business includes the approval of last year’s AGM minutes, the approval of the Treasurer’s financial report and the 2020 budget, nominations of new and returning Directors and election of the President. We would like to encourage new Directors for the Association to step forward, so please consider volunteering. Please send nominations to Tom McKenna, tom.a.mckenna@gmail.com, Nominating Committee chair, by July 20, 2020.

The Foundation’s formal business includes the approval of the minutes of last year’s AGM, approval of the Auditor’s Report, as well as the appointment of auditors for 2020-21, approval of their fees, and the appointment of the Board of Directors for 2020-21. The auditors’ report will be distributed to the Foundation members, either by mail or by e-mail.

Once input is received from our members, we will post formal resolutions on the website as of August 1, send them to both memberships by email, and ask for approval of the resolutions by an email or mailed vote. 

In lieu of our traditional BBQ, we will be pleased to deliver a Lac Heney coffee mug with each new membership or renewal. We are working with our new Bay Captain teams to make this possible. If you would like to order any Lac Heney merchandise please let Aileen Shaw, aileen.shaw@sympatico.ca and Diane Billey, diane.billey@sympatico.ca  know and we will endeavour to arrange a drop off.

We would like to thank you for your consideration of our efforts to maintain our important Association and Foundation programs during this crisis, and we would be pleased to hear from you.

On behalf of our Boards, our very best for a safe summer!

Sincerely, Tom & Roger 

Tom McKenna  tom.a.mckenna@gmail.com (Ph: 819.463.3792)

Roger Larson rogerleo.larson@gmail.com (Ph: 819-463-9925)

P.S.: some of our members have not supplied their email addresses, so if you are talking to a neighbour (with physical distancing) please mention that keeping in touch will be greatly aided by email communication during this crisis and into the future. 

Let’s go bird hunting!

From hummingbirds to eagles, birds form an integral part of our ecosystem yet we take them for granted. Help fill out the natural story of our ecosystem by becoming part of our Citizen Scientist bird watching program.

Using a free mobile app, you can easily record bird observations at your own convenience. It’s a fun family activity that anyone can do. Contact us at aplh@yahoo.ca to learn more and get involved.

Become a Citizen Scientist and learn about our watershed!

The Science Committee is ready to get you involved in learning about our ecosystem by making you into a Citizen Scientist!

Are you curious about the water sampling we do around the lake? Join us on a monthly water sampling ride-along and learn how and why we keep track of chemical parameters.

Do you enjoy being outdoors? Are birds, reptiles and amphibians more your speed? We’ll show you how to record your observations on your phone and join a growing network of citizen scientists.

Stay tuned for details on how to get involved! 

lost and found

found – a red buoy ( une boué rouge) in the southeast of lac heney.

lost – an 8’ x 18’ dock – – it is cedar with black floaters

Contact us and we will share coordinates.

feel free to report other floating treasures and we will do our best to keep people notified