APLH Director’s Meeting – Dec 21

Treasurer’s Report – Membership numbers are close to last year (175) and a good sign for next year. Expenses are down due to fewer activities because of Covid-19.

Science & Environmental Committee – Draft report for 2020 expected soon. Sediment sampling is planned for 2021 to determine how much iron is available to bind phosphorous. The committee is looking at potential options for improving oxygen levels in watershed lakes.

Boat Launch – Committee is still consulting with boat launch owners and will work on a communications strategy to inform members.

Priorities for 2021 – The Board should establish priorities for 2021 to focus our efforts due to limited volunteer resources. For example, invasive species, islands, roads, boat launches, or municipal taxes.

APLH Director’s Meeting – Oct 19

Treasurer’s Report – Membership numbers are down this year, probably as a result of the pandemic.   Also, Bay Captains could not meet personally with cottagers and residents.

AGM 2020  – Mail in votes have started arriving and (so far) all are in support of the motions to re-elect the president and directors and to approve the 2019 financial report and the 2020 budget.

Science & Environmental Committee – Water sampling completed and dissolved oxygen is still measurable at deep parts of the lake which is a good sign.

Island Committee – Increased usage of the islands is becoming a problem.  Discussed environmental protection of the islands and responsibilities.  Talking to other lake associations about how they manage island camping.

Boat Launch – Members are expressing concern about boat launch access and boat storage.  Directors are reaching out to existing launch owners to clarify the situation.